Bizfor's Affliate Program - Terms and Condition

General part

Terms and Conditions constitute and govern the agreement between the partnership program participants and Bizfor’s and constitute a financial and legal document between the Participants.

By submitting an application for participation and registering with the Affiliate Program, you fully agree to this agreement and it’s terms and conditions. Bizfor’s reserves the right to terminate our cooperation with you and to terminate your account in case of violation of any paragraph of the terms and conditions; or if we deem your actions to harm our website or any party.

Bizfor’s is not responsible for any breach by the Program Participant and reserves the right to terminate the Agreement in case of any unlawful act.
With the consent of the participant, the program participant declares that he / she is 18 years old or older.

Working rules

Our website will provide you with a link to connect your ad to our website. The website will track users of the advertising link provided by you through cookies, which will be active for 30 days and during this period only users who log in and register to the site from your link will be considered as referrals of the partner and will be reflected in your personal account.

Terms and Conditions

Bizfor’s is not responsible for any tracking errors if you change the link or cookies arbitrarily.
You will receive the amount in the second part of the month (25 to 30) if:

The user will register the company in our catalog using advertising link provided by you (complete the registration process) and the registration process will be confirmed by our administrator.

If the registration violates Bizfor’s terms and conditions, contains any signs of violence, or any advertisement or propaganda of a prohibited nature, registration will not be confirmed.

The registered user must be an existing company, in case of providing false information by the participant in the program, arbitrary registrations will not be paid and the participant of the affiliate program will be blocked from the site.
Payment will be made in US dollars; Payment method – PayPal.

During the partnership, the program participant is given the right to use our company logo for advertising purposes. It is forbidden to make any changes in the logotype.

Our company provides program participants with ready-made banners or links to place on their website. It is prohibited to add any information on the banner or banner or link code without the agreement of Bizfor’s. Changes in the design of advertising banners are allowed only with agreement to our company.

Bizfor’s reserves the right to request the removal of any modified banner if it contradicts to the image or interests of the company. In case of disobedience, the company will terminate the cooperation with the program participant without financial compensation.
A participant in the Affiliate Program has no right to act on behalf of Bizfor’s beyond the rules and scope of the Program.

Bizfor’s reserves the right to change the terms of the agreement, the budget and etc. at any time in its sole discretion. Changes will be posted in the current terms and conditions, and all program participants will be notified via email. Continuing to participate in the agreement automatically means agreeing to the new terms and conditions.
The changes do not affect the amount generated prior to the changes.

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