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A new realty is coming! Can you imagine the technology that combines all the transactions collected together? Blockchain gives an opportunity to record these actions, so that it cannot be erased but can be updated. As the time goes it creates a history of international transactions that will change the way how we collect the data and the way how we use them. Blockchain becomes more and more popular and seems it’s going to change the way of governance, the working style of global institutions and stuff like that. Using Blockchain gives an opportunity to exchange assets and values as well.  These unexhausted possibilities are the reasons why we need to implement a new technology, named Blockchain. 

One of the main basis on which Blockchain stands is the trust. Very often banks and other financial organizations lose the trust of consumers. They have their own regulations and decisions which sometimes seem to be unfair. The process of negotiating with banks is time consuming for a customer. This is what needs to be changed and transformed. A Blockchain can be defined as the enemy of central control and monopoly. And if there is a way to forget a traditional experience that can be replaced by the better one, why not to do so? A bureaucracy kills relationships. Nowadays everyone tries to avoid doing something that requires too many steps. People do not want to waste their time that becomes more and more valuable thing as the time goes. Instead, they try to find the easy ways to reach the goals. So, Blockchain is the platform that provides an effective work without bureaucracy and boring negotiations. 

The expected reality is that the banks and organizations like that will face problems. They will not be able to regulate the process that will be out of their control. So, they should think how they’re going to change their working style. 

Today we talk about what benefits can we get from Blockchain, but soon we will not even notice how it will work, because it’s going to become a part of our everyday life. Our life develops and thus Blockchain is one of the examples how we meet a new reality, because we are ready to move. If we try to recall the development of internet we will see that there were not existing words like web page, server, browser and so on, but it became reality as the time passed. So, Blockchain is the other step of development. Imagine little blocks that will be gathered to save your personal information, there will be everything together. Changes will be added and the whole information will be updated. There will be no place for confusion. No need for searching extra information somewhere else, in other organizations data bases or anywhere. The process of any relationship will become shorter and easier. 

So, to conclude, what are the general benefits of Blockchain? This is the way to become all the transactions more open, decentralized, accessible and easy. The most important part of this process is that everyone will be included in it. Blockchain is something that will refer you as well. 

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