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It’s no secret that Google’s local search algorithm is complicated. Just when you think you have it figured out, they tweak it ever so slightly.

With more and more of the buyer’s journey moving online, looking up businesses in printed listings and hard copies of trade journals is all but extinct. Today’s searchers generally “Google it” and use trusted online business directories to find companies and cultivate professional partnerships.

The four-day sale has so far brought sellers 16 times as many orders by value than Amazon's global Prime Day last month.


When social media first came into the scene, nobody expected the impact it would bring to society. Originally, it was developed as a tool for interaction among people. However, as it continued to grow, businesses began using it as well to advertise their products and services.

Can you believe 2015 has already been over?

There is nothing unusual to say but it’s true – the previous year has almost flown by!. In general, when there are many projects, innovations, milestones and lessons during a year, time really flies. 

It’s impossible to anticipate the New Year without thinking about resolutions. 

Many of billionaires found their fortune in the tech industry. Many of the names may look familiar, while other may be a bit of a surprise. In addition, it is always interesting to see how much money these billionaires actually have and how they earned their wealth – each of them have their own story of how they rose to the occasion and earn their place.

This list of the 10  richest tech billionaires in the world comes from a collaboration between Business Insider and wealth analytics firm Wealth-X which recently created a list of the top 50 richest people on Earth.

When we think of something like space colony there are images from sci-fi movies coming to mind. But does not future always look like sci-fi until it turns into present? 

As cities grow and lifestyles change, the homes we decide to live in will change as well. In fact, we are already starting to see unique housing alternatives, starting from solar and wind powered capsuled and ending with floating cities made of garbage or some underground pyramid-like block. 

Words matter. Your company success depends on selecting proper words for advertising, or sales processes. 

Often the same old words and phrases get used. No doubt, they made a real impact once, but they became almost meaningless now, if only because they've been used so often.If the terms below are used in your marketing, advertising, or sales processes, put yourself at customer's position and you will see how tired they look and sound:  

An un-automated workflow often causes the stress and tension to business owners. First of all, it is associated with expensive costs; late payments, slow sales approvals, and payments for goods never received all become very expensive errors. Then there are all kinds of paper forms, e-mails waiting for approval and sticky notes flooding your desk and taking away more of your precious time than actually needed.  

Most salespeople begin each month by setting goals for themselves — they sit down with their manager, commit to the number they plan to hit, lay out a few personal development goals they want to complete, and then set to work trying to achieve them. 

But setting proper goals is difficult. Did you know that more than 80% of companies set the wrong kinds of goals – goals you can’t possibly meet – for their sales staff?

When starting a business, you can hardly find time to think of things such as “leadership”. Most startups are struggling to survive and raise money to run a company, to fuel stuff and office. As a beginner, you will need to find professionals and assure them to work for your green company while they may have better options. 

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