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One of the biggest debates that happens within a marketing team is whether to focus efforts on a company’s website or their social media channels.

Which one will generate more leads? Which channel provides the greatest return on investment? Which channel will grow the company faster?

Promote Your Business

In order to survive and grow, your business needs customers. In order to get customers, you need to promote your business. In the good old days, this was a matter of deciding between a flyer, a brochure, a postcard, or an ad in the local newspaper.

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A business blog is a standalone website, or section of an existing business' domain, devoted to writing about subject matter related to their company's industry and its sub-fields. Business blogs have become a fundamental component of successful web marketing and utilized by most online businesses.


Gone are the days when a business could side-step having digital marketing in its marketing plan. While the term digital marketing was first used in the 1990s, when the digital age took off, businesses continue to be hesitant to dive into the digital marketing arena 30 years later.

7 Small Business Trends that Arrived Just in Time for 2021

Every year for the last 20 or so, I’ve wrapped up the year with my predictions for trends in the coming year.

I’m usually spot on too. But that’s really more of a testament to the fact that trends tend to creep up on us rather than overwhelm us. So, they’re not that hard to spot if you’re paying attention.

Benefits Of Business Listing Directories

You’ve heard about Yellow Pages and why it was so important to be listed there so people can look you up. These days online business listing directories can offer your business similar exposure. What do you need to know about it and how can they help you?

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Nowadays, more and more people are buying things online. The popularity of online sales has been growing steadily in recent years, with an additional boost from the pandemic.

Online sales have many advantages: you can offer customers a product, a service, and so on, you are not limited by geographical area, district or city.

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Influencer - people who can affect a certain audience. They are not celebrities, they are ordinary people, the main tools of their interaction with the audience are social networks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube ... They tell about the latest news, new trends, topics that can be endlessly listed, they exist in virtually every field. Influencer - this is a social phenomenon that can successfully spread his view and attitudes.

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It seems like everyone is making money online these days. Every day there is a new person claiming to be raking in the big bucks because they opened an online store, so it is natural for many of us to wonder about starting our own.

Global ecommerce market report

Ecommerce has been a bright spot among retail channels during the coronavirus, as consumers became reliant on digital transactions amid physical store closures and fear of infection. However, the impact on ecommerce retail spending has not been felt evenly across the world.

Market Research Guide for Business Owners

Market research is an important part of a business plan and should serve to guide your business as it grows.
Market research is important when testing the viability of new business ideas, as well as when developing new products, services and features.

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According to the Social Media Examiner, 90% of marketers work with social networks. 85% of them do not know which tools are better to use. It all means that the potential of social media is huge, but many marketers do not realize how to work with an audience. A few principles on how to improve your relationship with your audience.

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