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Can you believe 2015 has already been over?

There is nothing unusual to say but it’s true – the previous year has almost flown by!. In general, when there are many projects, innovations, milestones and lessons during a year, time really flies. 

It’s impossible to anticipate the New Year without thinking about resolutions. 

Instead of thinking on resolutions, you’d better pay attention to the book written by the Basecamp founders. The book title is ‘ReWork’. Turning the book review per year can cause fresh inspirations on how to meet the upcoming year smartly. 

It may be called a New Year rejuvenation. 

The presented strategies allow and offer you to:

a) do more

b) do everything that lead you to great results

c) end the day with a feeling of more satisfaction 

In particular, if you would like to embark on a business and create online training programs and courses, these strategies are really going to be applicable. They’ll help you to do more by means of less time, less money, less resources…You know, the precious things always seem to be short ones.

Each of these 7 tips will have something to do with one of these words: Strategy, Saving, and Selling. 

It’s a good way to curl up with the last Christmas cookie, stir some eggnog into your coffee, and enjoy the final moment of holiday in order to brainstorm your  2016 – the year of business .

Strategy #1: Embrace your constraints

Limited resources make you do with what you’ve got, that, in turn, forces you to be creative.

Strategy #2:  Become a curator

It’s the stuff that matters–in terms of product value and saving valuable time. 

 Strategy #3: Build more focused product

What’s the most important thing your product is bringing to the table?

Strategy #4: Often make decisions 

You cannot even imagine how strong your decision-making skills can be when it becomes your usual habit. 

Strategy #5: Create an offer your audience cannot reject

One of the best ways to do this is to offer more of you.

Strategy #6: Sell your by-product as an upsell or downsell

If you offer an upsell or downsell, you can work less! 

 Strategy #7: Make sure your work really matters

Nothing really matters if your work doesn’t matter to others…or to you.

Finally, your business’ value is really all about your business’ balance. Adding too little will leave your audience confused and you will also be unsatisfied; adding too much value will overkill your audience and cause too much stress for you.

Follow each of these tips…find out how they tie in with Strategy, Savings and Selling and get your business systems in complete order for an amazing new year!

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