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Smm Principles

According to the Social Media Examiner, 90% of marketers work with social networks. 85% of them do not know which tools are better to use. It all means that the potential of social media is huge, but many marketers do not realize how to work with an audience. A few principles on how to improve your relationship with your audience.

 Why social networks are so important

There are people who already know your brand as well as people who are looking for the product or service you offer. Count on advertising to your target audience to attract new customers, work on existing customers to increase their trust in you, do not forget that loyal customers will do your job - share your posts, recommend you to others, positively evaluate your company.

SMM marketing is the best way to turn people into your customers, the passivity of your competitors if the wrong planning works for you, with the right approach you can get the customer interested and redirect to a site where they will already receive detailed information about your product.

High traffic from social networks has a positive effect on your reputation for search engines, affects your indexing and raises your position in SEO (search engine optimization).

Why do we need marketing on social networks

SMM performs two main tasks - attracting and retaining customers, and with the right approach performs it fairly quickly, and cheaply. You need to work with advertising to get new people to your attention and work with content to keep them engaged.

SMM - This is not just for new users. It is about strengthening the brand image, increasing customer engagement and their loyalty, working on reputation, eliminating negativity, increasing SEO rankings and all this at an acceptable budget price.

Track what your target audience is writing, ask questions, engage in dialogue with them to better understand what they want. For loyal users, your page is a place where they can ask questions and get information, for non-loyal users, they can tell you about mistakes. Listen, their opinion is important and especially negative opinion, they are the ones who help you to eliminate your shortcomings. It is important for your customers to feel that they are listening carefully and helping them get the information they need.

Show your audience that it matters. You will be able to have excellent service, or good products, but at the same time you must definitely be able to deliver all this to the customer, otherwise they will go elsewhere. Attention is necessary: ​​answer the questions, discuss the questions they are interested in, like their comments. If you fail or fail to show enough time and attention to social media, you will lose customers.

People love to feel part of something, give them the opportunity to do so as much as possible to increase their involvement in the work process.

Marketing in social networks uses the principle of two-way communication. Be as accessible as possible, respond as much as possible in a timely manner, and of course in a thoughtful and non-standard phrase, the peculiarity of social networking is precisely the human relationship, the dialogue between people.

Review your page and evaluate how valuable the posted information is to the user, whether you have regular contact with them, evaluate their reactions.

You may well know how to build a relationship with an audience but you can not be a universal specialist when it comes to any narrow specialty it is better to combine efforts with knowledgeable staff and create content that will earn the respect and trust of the customer. Systematically get advice from the company's specialists, convert their consultations and advice into a user-friendly format, create an instruction or guide that combines tips for questions that the customer may have.

Content should be interesting !!! Check before publishing, talk with live examples, expert opinions, show real cases and stories. Do not depend on quantity, the main thing is quality: a few active users are better than dozens of indifferent visitors.

Content should also be useful. When the writer William F. Asked by Buckley Jr. what book he would take to an uninhabited island, he replied: "Instructions on building a boat." The information should be useful. People appreciate practical advice that will help them solve the problem or point them in the right direction. It is not difficult to evaluate what kind of information people respond to based on likes or comments, it will allow you to determine the topic and format of the posts. People love to share useful information with others, in turn it helps your image.

And most importantly, leave the case to a specialist! This seemingly not-so-difficult task involves many nuances, precisely because of their complex planning and execution.

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