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Tesla owners, pretty much like Apple customers, are extremely loyal to the brand and passionate about their cars. But what, exactly, makes Tesla so great? To answer that question, let’s look at Quora thread that asks Tesla owners what they love most about their cars. It turns out that there isn’t just one reason to love Tesla, although a lot of them revolved around the fact that the car’s amazing acceleration makes it a joy to drive.


Tesla owner Mario Zelaya recalls being astounded the very first time he ever saw a Tesla in action. It’s pretty clear that it was love at first sight:

“We walked to the underground parking (where the chargers and cars are) and walked me through how the car worked: no ignition, no oil, no gas, no need to unlock the car. Just walk up to it, the handles will come out, step on the brakes and the car is on. It was FREAKY. It’s like I travelled to the future. I couldn’t even tell if the car was on! There was no sound, no noise, nothing.

We went out for a quick spin, he asked me to get on the highway and to floor it on the on-ramp. I did. It was exhilarating. There were no gears. The car sped up so fast, I can only compare the feeling to an airplane taking off. You don’t feel changes in the transmission (because there is none); it’s just this constant, unbelievable speed. Never in my life had I been in a car that fast.

When we got back to the store, I bought the car on the spot”.

Andrea Bednar, who has owned a Model S since 2013, is enthusiastic about the way that Tesla has shaken up the auto industry and is paving the way for the cars of the future. She also sees driving a Tesla as affirming her own personal values and ideals:

“I am committed to being an early adopter of products that work, that make a difference and disrupt the establishment (especially when the establishment has gotten complacent and isn’t delivering what we want and need). Driving my Tesla not only satisfies all the physical pleasure I can have from driving, it also satisfies some of my core values.

I love getting behind the wheel of a product that makes me feel good, AND provides the satisfaction of aligning my values and my behavior”.

Georgia Fisher doesn’t actually own a Tesla and mostly just drives her husband’s Model S. That doesn’t stop her from gushing over it, however:

“Excuse my language, y’all, but it is f—ing magnificent. It is art. It is sex on wheels, and flooring it for an afternoon can sincerely lift you out of minor depression. I don’t care if you’re 80 years old, as some Telsa fans are; you’ll feel like you’ve slipped into a bionic body that is strong and fast and flawless. Thanks to the car’s computer, you practically have a bionic mind, too”.

That… is a pretty strong endorsement.

Finally, Model S owner Fareed Mughal channels his inner web journalist and makes a list of 10 reasons he loves both the car and the company:

“Here are my Top 10 reasons for choosing Tesla Model S:

1. Range Extension – I can go 1,000 miles in my new Model S for the same price as going 250 in my ICE.

2. Design - Model S blends the intuitive and artful with the scientific and demonstrable.

3. Performance - The combination of the lowest coefficient of drag and center of gravity of any production vehicle.

4. The Quiet - Oh Model S, I can’t hear you…

5. Simplicity - The flow from inside to out – sorry to many but this car had to, had to forego excess console and cupholders to get to a new state of elegant simplicity that matched aesthetics with engineering.

6. The Touchscreen - Why haven’t people who have been making cars for 100 years figured this out?

7. The Stores - Love ‘em!

8. The Marketing - Do you recall the Leaf generating one thimbleful of the excitement that Model S has?

9. Elon - This feels like buying one of Edison’s first light bulbs.

10. Made in America

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