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Since the first announcement of last summer, Amazon’s fitness device has raised concerns about Halo privacy. After the next update, the service will “force” users fo use their smartphone or tablet cameras to scan their bodies and assess “traffic health”.

It is likely that Halo will evaluate the healthy movements of the user with artificial intelligence and algorithms and determine its individual training program based on this.


"We take the responsibility to compare algorithms for different demographics and body types. We strictly test the parameters such as body types, different ethnic groups and demographics," said Nienga Kariuk, Amazon Halo's chief technical officer.

However, there are some limitations. This algorithm uses the same estimate for each user, regardless the body type. But this is alleviated the fact that this score is equivalent to the evaluation of a professional trainer. As a result, users will receive appropriate exercises that will promote movement, body health.

It is true that Amazon notes that the photos and videos of the customers will be seen only by algorithm and not by the actual employee, but there is still distrust in the community. Moreover, considering the generalized approach to the use of evaluation for all users also provokes a negative attitude. Especially when there are lots of better systems, with personal trainers and exercise programs.

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