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41 Triumphperenlaan, Utrecht 3452, Utrecht, Netherlands

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As consumers, our lives and health depend on the quality and safety of the products we purchase and use daily. The more complex these products and their supply chain are, the more we rely on the quality procedures of their producers.

As producers, we know that quality is paramount to long-term survival. Failing to meet quality standards expected by consumers and regulators has disastrous results for our business.

lisQI is an easy to implement and integrate, flexible, and cloud-based Quality Management system. We enable manufacturing companies to make their Quality Management data driven, automated and omnipresent. We call this Quality Intelligence.

More than 80 factories worldwide use our platform for Quality Control, Quality Assurance and QESH management. We help our customer to reduce waste by up to 15%, increase their quality level and save up to 20% on time.

Data driven

In increasingly connected factories, data from machines, sensors, systems and suppliers can be used to drive the quality process. Production data steers the quality process, and vice versa. Using data, AlisQI provides insights in your business through analytics and SPC.

Smart automation

Integration of machines and systems allows you to automate most of your quality processes, which eliminates room for error. Systems do most of the work, and notify you when processes go off-spec. This allows you to focus on the things that really matter.


In our vision, everyone contributes to quality, from factory-floor to boardroom. This means your quality management platform needs to be easy to implement and adapt, and can be used by anyone, anywhere. We even designed our pricing model to promote usage by all quality stakeholders.


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41 Triumphperenlaan, Utrecht 3452, Utrecht, Netherlands

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