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Fantastick Label Company

115 Metrolink Cct, Campbellfield 3061, Campbellfield, Australia

Business Details

Fantastick Label Company is a trusted label printing company offering high quality label printing and packaging solutions. We supply labels, stickers, and tags in a variety of formats including sheets, rolls, die-cut singles and fanfold packs. With over 28 years of industry experience, we assure you of world-class labelling expertise. We have invested in best-of-breed equipment and fostered a talented team of labelling specialists at our facility in Melbourne. Our expertise and experience allow us to handle any labelling challenge head-on. Over the years, we have developed a revolutionary client-service model and put in place robust quality control processes.


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115 Metrolink Cct, Campbellfield 3061, Campbellfield, Australia

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