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Grada Surgical Co

Lahore Johar Town Pakistan

Business Details

Superior quality high performance

We distribute, develop and manufacture wide range of specialty medical devices. our range of products consists particularly of general surgical instruments, dental surgery instruments, eye surgery instruments, beauty care instruments and veterinary surgery instruments. Our instruments are hand-crafted skillfully by a highly experienced and skilled team of craftsmen who had spent years and years in crafting these instruments. 

We are committed to provide superior quality, without defects surgical instruments to meet our customers utmost expectations and satisfaction. We attain this goal by establishing and upholding a QM (quality management) system by monitoring and measuring each phase of manufacturing process and regular QA to ensure the quality and requirements of our clients. The Grada Surgical Company is focused on quality and has several certifications, such as ISO, CE, 510K, etc…, We are also concerned about better environment and are contributing to it by using cleaner raw materials and by the removal of packaging materials properly.

Why To Choose Grada Surgical…

o You would buy from a manufacturer directly
o Get best quality instruments at lowest prices.
o Save time and get instruments available quickly (not always in the case of custom tools).
o Get hand on a wide range of Instruments of your choice.
o A complete customization of any standard instrument.
o Custom designed instruments according to your specifications (drawings)
o Can have your brand stamp on the instruments.
o Proper QA & QC procedures to produce standardized instruments.
o Can get both onetime use and re-useable instruments.
o Can ask for a single sample item, and up to your wish in variety of packing.


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Lahore Johar Town Pakistan

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