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Meda AB Gruppen

12 Gruvbyggarvargen, Gällivare SE-98238, Gällivare, Lapland, Sweden


Business Details

Meda AB Gruppen is a company based in Sweden specialized in the production of medical products.

We provide medical supplies all around the world in the best deadlines and at affordable prices. We gained our customer's trust thanks to the high quality of our products as well as the quality of our service. We mostly produce medical masks, hand sanitizing products (antibacterial gel) and protective medical clothing such as Nitrile gloves , Vinyl Gloves , latex gloves and surgical gowns. We are a certified supplier of COVID-19 tests.

We have high production capacities; indeed we can produce more than 2 million masks a day to meet the growing global demand. The quality of our products earned them to be credited with certifications. Furthermore, they are submitted to strict quality controls before shipment.
We dedicate ourselves to serving and protecting those who protect us, and we protect patients as well.

Our logistics team will ensure that your purchase goes smoothly from the moment you place the order until the safe delivery to your country. Don't hesitate to contact us if needed, we will everything we can to help you and meet your requirements. You can count on our professionalism and reactivity.



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12 Gruvbyggarvargen, Gällivare SE-98238, Gällivare, Lapland, Sweden

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