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Monte Napoleone

116 Giannitson, Thessaloniki 546 27, Thessaloniki, Greece


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Find all the new dress trends

TheMonteNapoleonecollection includes, among others:

Shirts: In Classic, Business and Fashion suggestions, in Comfort and Interfit.

Woven: Delicate weave made with organic cotton, cashmere made with pure virgin wool, etc.

Polo: Based off organic cotton and slight qualitative weaving in Piquet, sweatshirts, fleece, etc.

Trousers: Cotton Chinos and 5-pocket, as well as jeans in unique designs.

Jackets: Original in concept that highlights their uniqueness.

Bodice: Leather or fabric ones, featuring comfort.

Belts: Special designs, made with quality leather, one that matches MonteNapoleone's standards.

Bags: For your everyday needs, as well as for your more special ones.

Scarfs: In great variety, as far as quality and price goes.

Hats, Caps and Gloves: Important accessories for the betterment of your styling needs, and something for a more personal touch. 

Cufflinks:  An inexhaustible collection; Whatever new comes out, it's certain for us to have it.

Ties: Last but, certainly, not least our prized collection of Bonaparte and MonteNapoleone ties, in unique packaging. 




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116 Giannitson, Thessaloniki 546 27, Thessaloniki, Greece

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