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Affiliate Agreement

Bizfor’s Affiliate Agreement

The aim of terms and conditions for the Affiliate program is to set the clear rules and understanding how our affiliate program works. What are the roles and responsibilities of both: Bizfor’s and affiliates. 

Carefully read the agreement and if you have any questions, please e-mail us. 

Terms and Conditions

Affiliates must not use gambling, offensive or adult websites to publish links. 

Affiliates are not allowed to register domain-containing name “Bizfor’s”

Promoting Bizfor’s on any site in an appropriate manner or content is not allowed. 

Affiliates must not use others intellectual property for their purposes and must not bid on names or variations of the names that are our trademarked names or terms mentioned in this agreement. 

Affiliates must agree on these terms and conditions before registering as an affiliate on our website.

Affiliates must not send Spam or unsolicited e-mails.

This agreement is between the affiliate who is registered (or to be registered) and Bizfor’s. Affiliate must create the account that enables the participation in Affiliate program after accepting the terms and conditions by clicking “I accept” button. 

An affiliate is an internet marketer who promotes Bizfor’s among potential visitors 

In order to participate in program, the Affiliate must use the link defined as WEB URL or any link provided by us, that will refer to Bizfor’s.  The affiliate will get the comminision when a visitor uses the url or link provided by the affiliate to visit the Website. 

We will track and handle the payments. In case the cooperation between the affiliate and Bizfor’s is according to the terms and conditions, Bizfor’s will pay the commission owed by the affiliate.

This agreement is an exclusive and complete agreement between the Bizfor’s and Affiliate and supersedes any previous agreement or communication about any subject. 

Commision structure

Bizfor’s has the right to change the commissions' structure without prior notice to Affiliate.
 Affiliate has no right to a Commission if no one uses the link to visit Bizfor’s 

How the payment is made: 

0.05 usd  for per registered user. 

Bizor’s will not take and doesn’t have any responsibility for any dispute brought against any Affiliate or any person related to our Afilliate system.

General Responsibilities

Bizfor’s takes the responsibility related to the fee collection, billing of customers and in, general, to handle customer inquiries. 


Bizfor’s reserves the right protect every customer’s privacy and personal information. Therefore, it has right to withhold information, like contact details, from Affiliate .

Affiliate Responsibilities

Providing correct contact information

Affiliate is responsible for providing Bizfor’s and keeping up-to date the correct contact information. If Affiliate fails to do so, his/hers affiliate account will be suspended, because Bizfor’s needs correct and up to date contact information in order to communicate with its affiliates. 

If the contact information changes or it is not provided, Affiliate must contact Bizfor’s and give information regarding these issues. 

Account info

Affiliate must keep its personal account info, such as the username and password private and must not give it to any third party. Affiliate is solely responsible for any use of its personal account on Bizfor’s affiliate system. If the affiliate  fails to maintain the confidentiality of this info and is aware of unauthorized use of the account, he/she must contact Bizfor’s about it. 

Bizfor’s is not responsible for any loss caused by the third party using the Affiliates username and password. 

Prohibited actions

Affiliate must not misinterpret services of Bizfor’s. 

Affiliate must not promote or advertise the services of Bizfor’s on any site that is involved in illegal activities, includes or promotes sexually explicit materials, gambling, drug use, violence, pirated materials’ on any site, that promotes discrimination based on religion, sex, race, nationality, sexual orientation, age, disability. On site, that violates intellectual property rights. On site, that violates local and international laws, which are not listed here. 

Affiliate must use correct and not offensive wording related to Bizfor’s. Affiliate must not cause any damage Bizfor’s website by use any software or program or by file including any kind of a virus. 


Bizfor’s communicates to the affiliate with the e-mail as well. Affiliate must ensure, that the e-mail address is not blocked and can have unlimited access to the promotion, newsletters or any other information sent by Bizfor’s. If the affiliate unsubscribes from receiving e-mails from Bizfor’s he/she understands that he’\she will no longer receive any information about Bizfor’s. 


Affiliate must not involve in any way of distributing spam. In case if the Affiliate creates, sends or in any way distributes spam, his/her account will be terminated from the Affiliated program and all commissions owed by the affiliate will not be paid as well as a penalty. 

Affiliate Link

Affiliate is responsible for setting up the Afiliate link correctly, commissions will not be paid, if the Affiliate fails to set up the link correctly.

Bizfor’s Intellectual Property 

Ownership of intellectual property

Affiliate must not violate intellectual property of Bizfor’s. Every material on Bizfor’s website is under the ownership of Bizfor’s and any use of these materials (texts, photos, videos, contact information) must be agreed with the website administration. 

Affiliate must not make any changes in Bizfor’s logo, image or any brand element. Affiliate should not present these materials in any way, that will misinterpret Bizfor’s or Bizfor’s Affiliate program. 

Affiliate must use only the materials, that are permitted by the Bizfor’s website. 

Brand name

Affiliate must not use or register nay domains that include name “bizfor’s” or uses any similar wording. Affiliate must not use brand name keywords or any kewords like “Bizfor’s” or any misspelling or variation of “bizfor’s”.

Access to website data

Affiliate is not allowed to have any access to any data that is not public by Bizfor’s. Any attempt to do so, will cause the termination of the Affiliate’s account. 


Guarantees and liabilities

No Income guarantee


Bizfor’s gives terms and conditions for the affiliate program, but it doesn’t guarantee any kind of future potential income through this program and website. 



Bizfor’s doesn’t give a warranty that the content placed on the website is complete, accurate, up to date etc. Bizfor’s presents its content according to the local and international laws and doesn’t violate anyone’s intellectual property. 



Bizfor’s service providers don’t take responsibility, that the site and its services will always be available due to the nature of electronic devices, Internet and electronic communication. 

Limitation of Liability


Bizfor’s and its  employees, directors,customers and other stakeholders are not liable for Affiliates activities that cause any kind of damage: loss of data, lost goodwill, lost profit etc, even if Bizfor’s or its stakeholders have been advised of these possible damages. 




Affiliate understands the risk that might arise from his\her use Bizfor’s affiliate program.  Although Bizfor’s priority is to protect the Affiliate’s contact information and keep it secured, Affiliate understands, that there is a risk of unauthorized use of this information through the website or the Affiliate’s computer. Therefore, Bizfor’s doesn’t take responsibility of any kind of damage or loss caused by these activities. 

Participation in program


Participation in Bizfor’s Affiliate program is voluntary and Affiliate should acknowledge and agree that Bizfor’s its employees, directors, customers and other stakeholders are held harmless from any claims, lawsuits, settlements, expenses damages arising from Affiliates activities and use or Bizfor’s website. 


Termination without notice


This agreement becomes the official agreement between the two parties as soon as the Affiliate accepts it. 

The termination of the agreement is the right of the both sides, they reserve the right to terminate the agreement without notice. If the Affiliate breaches the agreement, the agreement will be terminated and Affiliate shall not be paid any outstanding commission.  





When Affiliate agrees on this agreement, he/she becomes an independent contractor, which means, that no joint venture or any kind of partnership is created between Affiliate and Bizfor’s. 

Bizfor’s is allowed to make any change in this agreement at any time,  Affiliate will be informed about any change made to this agreement via e-mail.

Bizfor’s reserves the right to use any feedback from Affiliate to improve the website or the Affiliate program without any compensation to the Affiliate for this feedback. 

From time to time the most successful affiliates might be offered special arrangements from Bizfor’s, including special opportunities, bonuses. Giving additional opportunities and selecting Affiliate is sole discretion of Bizfor’s.

If any part of this agreement will be considered forceless, this part will be construed according to the local an international laws, while the remaining agreement is completely forceful. 

Bizfor’s is not responsible for the content of the third party websites. These linked websites are not under Bizfor’s control. Thus, Bizfor’s is not responsible for any damage arising from any information or service provided by the third party.

The local and international laws govern the agreement and any dispute will be solved according to these laws.

Bizfor’s reserves any other rights not mentioned in this agreement.


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