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General part

Terms and Conditions constitute and govern the agreement between the partnership program participants and Bizfor’s and constitute a financial and legal document between the Participants.

By submitting an application for participation and registering with the Affiliate Program, you fully agree to this agreement and it’s terms and conditions. Bizfor’s reserves the right to terminate our cooperation with you and to terminate your account in case of violation of any paragraph of the terms and conditions; or if we deem your actions to harm our website or any party.

Bizfor’s is not responsible for any breach by the Program Participant and reserves the right to terminate the Agreement in case of any unlawful act.
With the consent of the participant, the program participant declares that he / she is 18 years old or older.

Working rules

Our website will provide you with a link to connect your ad to our website. The website will track users of the advertising link provided by you through cookies, which will be active for 30 days and during this period only users who log in and register to the site from your link will be considered as referrals of the partner and will be reflected in your personal account.

Terms and Conditions

Bizfor’s is not responsible for any tracking errors if you change the link or cookies arbitrarily.
You will receive the amount in the second part of the month (25 to 30) if:

The user will register the company in our catalog using advertising link provided by you (complete the registration process) and the registration process will be confirmed by our administrator.

If the registration violates Bizfor’s terms and conditions, contains any signs of violence, or any advertisement or propaganda of a prohibited nature, registration will not be confirmed.

The registered user must be an existing company, in case of providing false information by the participant in the program, arbitrary registrations will not be paid and the participant of the affiliate program will be blocked from the site.
Payment will be made in US dollars; Payment method – PayPal.

During the partnership, the program participant is given the right to use our company logo for advertising purposes. It is forbidden to make any changes in the logotype.

Our company provides program participants with ready-made banners or links to place on their website. It is prohibited to add any information on the banner or banner or link code without the agreement of Bizfor’s. Changes in the design of advertising banners are allowed only with agreement to our company.

Bizfor’s reserves the right to request the removal of any modified banner if it contradicts to the image or interests of the company. In case of disobedience, the company will terminate the cooperation with the program participant without financial compensation.
A participant in the Affiliate Program has no right to act on behalf of Bizfor’s beyond the rules and scope of the Program.

Bizfor’s reserves the right to change the terms of the agreement, the budget and etc. at any time in its sole discretion. Changes will be posted in the current terms and conditions, and all program participants will be notified via email. Continuing to participate in the agreement automatically means agreeing to the new terms and conditions.
The changes do not affect the amount generated prior to the changes.

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Join Bizfor's affiliate program and earn money

Bizfor's offers  you to participate in the referral program. Participants are given the opportunity to make money by promoting our International Business Directory.
To participate in the program, you need to register on the website and request an account. After confirming your registration with us, you will be given your control panel, where you can control the number of users coming from your referral link, conversion and the amount you earn.

You will be given a banner or link code that you need to embed on a website, blog, etc.

After registering  companies from your referral link in our catalog, you will receive the amount you earn.

IMPORTANT!  Please read our terms and conditions carefully.


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

live chat (right bottom of the page)

You are looking for a business partner, consulting, product customer, new market ... It is easy to find the right candidate when it all comes together in one place. Our goal is to create such a base where companies will be distributed according to the industry, countries or regions. Companies registered with us are given the opportunity to increase online awareness through our site, present their company, products and offers produced by them to potential customers or partners, current or future company events, provide information about the company to the target audience.
Our team will be happy to receive your comments or opinions, share what you like and what you do not like, what you would like to improve or add to the site, our desire and goal is to create a product with you that will be comfortable, practical and customized.

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In case of some troubles please contact us:

You could Send us email on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Write Email directly (from button left bottom side of screen).

Contact us on live chat, Support Department  (from button left bottom side of screen). As yet operators are working not 24/7, If no operator are on chat you can leave your message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

For Sales Assistant:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sales Department on live chat.

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See video tutorial

Welcome to the best world wide business catalogue. Our space is the best place to present your business.

To add new business to Bizfor's listing you have to be registered user. If you ar new on our web page, please register first.
After registration you will get activation link on your Email (please look at junk / spam folder as well). after activation you can add your business
You have to go on menu item ADD BUSINESS (right upper corner of the page).
First thing you have to choose Plan on drop-down menu. Information abour our PACKAGES 
after please fill all fields (field with sign * are mandatory).
Business Name - title of your company.
Business type - choose your business type from drop-down list. If there ar none that fits your Business, please contact us and we will add it.
Website (basic and premium packages)
Establishment year (basic and premium packages)
Employees (basic and premium packages)
Keywords - fill the field with a phrase or keyword that is strictly related to business activity. These keywords will be used to identify your business.
Business Slogan - the slogan will appear in front-end on Business Details section. It must be short and suggestive.
Short Description - this field must contain the business short description. It will appear on search results listing. The text must be clear and easily understood by potential collaborators. Html code is not accepted!
Business description - This field must contain the business description. Be concise and straightforward in describing your business and offers. The text must be clear and easily understood by potential collaborators. Users with Basic and Premium packages have possibility to add Html description.
Push next button

Fill business category. The amount of categories you can choose depends on your package. You can choose from drop-down list, or begin typing categories fitting your business and system will suggest possible options.
Opening hours - Please select the time zone for the business to let customers know when you are available. (basic and premium packages)

Enter the Location of your business. You can either fill all fields, or just enter your full address onto large field above and system wll fill fields automaticaly.
Latitude and Longitude - enter details to locate your usiness on map, or just find it on map and click (basic and premium packages)

Enter your business's contact details: email (for all packages), telephone and mobile Phone (basic and premium packages).

Add your company's social network Url's (basic and premium packages).

Here you can add your company's logo, business Cover Image and images represented you Business (Images added will be shown in business photo gallery), business videos
After you have to agree terms and conditions and push save button.

In case of paid packages you will be redirected to payment gateway. After payment your account will get active.

In case of free package our account will be active after admins approval (within 24 hour).

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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 Agriculture, fishing & Forestry
Apparel & Accessories
Business & Professional Services
Computers, Electronics & Communications
Online business
Construction & Renovation
Entertainment & Media
Family & Community
Finance & Legal
Food & Beverages
Health & Medicine
Home & Garden
Industrial supplies & services
Personal Care
Public utilities & environment
RealEstate & Insurance
Shopping & Specialty Stores
Sports & Recreation
Travel & Lodging
Book, print end published product



Welcome to the best world wide business catalogue. Our space is the best place to present your business.

Registration on our web-site contains few simple steps. in short: company during the registration chooses wished package, providing information about the company, adds company products and waiting for the clients.

Registration on bizfors.com contains these simple steps: by clicking on “Sign in” button customer  appears on the next page, where he/she provides his/her E-mail address and Password. Then customer checks received confirmation email and approves.

After registration customer appears on the main page, where is provided additional box for “my Business”.

By clicking on Register your company button, customer appears on the packages page. There are 3 packages: Free package, Basic package and Premium package.

Free package - business company has limited possibilities.User can add 1category, 1image

Basic package - business company has additional opportunities. User can add 2 categories, 8 images, 2 videos, business logo, google map, business products,Social network links and business phone.

Premium package - business company has unlimited opportunities. User can add 4 categories, 30 images, 5 videos, business logo, google map, business products,Social network links and business phone,contact form,  contact person, business events, company color, Also, this business appears on home page.

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By placing content on our site in an area, which allows users to share, edit or merge data, the users and us get the right to share, edit or merge your information. 

Any content that will be perceived as inappropriate by us may not be published or may be removed anytime and for any reason. 

In addition to terms and restrictions regarding placing data on our website,  you are not allowed to use Bizfor’s to place data that: 

 a) Violates the local and international law related to securities, if the content contains any misleading information to manipulate the price of the security. 

b) Establishes stock touting activities. 

c) Includes advertising materials, includes any promotional information, especially if it is related to pyramid schemes and chain letters. 

d) Contains promotional materials related to gambling or similar services.

e) Contains promotional materials of prostitution or nay related act like strip-tease escort or dating. 

f) Violates proprietary rights such as without limitation, trademark, copyright, privacy, trade secret and other proprietary and ownership rights. 

g) Includes any computer code or any other material, like programs, viruses or files that can have a negative influence on computer functioning, such as destroying or limiting its hardware or software or any other related device, or may allow unauthorized use of the personal data stored in a computer, use of computer itself or a computer network.

h) Makes important information, such as identification information, financial information or other private data disclosed and available. 

i) Contains abusive, threatening, harassing, tortious materials or graphic descriptions or if it is invasive of anyone’s privacy. 

j) Enhances discriminative, abusive materials and statements on the basis of gender, religion, race, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation or political views .

k) Is damaging any person or entity by publishing deceptive, misinterpreted, libelous information. 

l) If it includes any material regarding selling of firearms or any other product that is prohibited by local and international laws. 

m) If the publisher or published information is not authorized by special institution to sell certain drug, especially the one, that only can be purchased by prescription issued by the authorized and licensed medical institution; or drugs that don’t need prescription but aren’t approved by the local or international laws and regulations or drugs, that make misleading treatment promises or treatment claims that need to be regulated by the local or international laws and regulations,; or any other drug, that we might consider ad harmful, unlawful or may damage someone’s health. 

n) Contains materials that violate any local or international law regarding, without limitation, credit card association, rules and laws such as consumer protection or laws that regulate tobacco related products, laws that regulate and prohibit unfair competition and false advertising.

 By reviewing these terms and conditions you acknowledge the fact, that the case of publishing any material, violating these rules, local and international laws and prohibitions, may result in civil or criminal liability. 

You are agreeing and becoming the warrant to Bizfor’s that any act related to our website conducted by you, will always comply with the terms and conditions stated in this agreement.  

Fees and payment

 By agreeing on these terms and conditions, you also agree that you will pay for all the purchases you make on this site, as well as all the applicable fees provided by our site.  You will be able to review your payment history by visiting “my account” option. 

While making payment, you must provide us with the accurate and up-to-date billing and payment information. 

Every time you are making a payment you confirm that we are authorized to submit all the charges that correspond your purchases; we are authorized to charge you with defined payment method without any additional notice and you will be responsible for the charges made by you or anyone who may use your account and profile. 

We may collect payment from your purchases individually for each purchase or aggregate your charges for all purchases you make. In case we don’t receive payment from your defined payment method, you agree to pay all amounts after demanding from our side and you also you show agreement to make electronic transaction in order for paying  designated purchase.  

Disputes and Billing difficulties

 If any billing problem or discrepancy occurs in your payment and it’s mentioned in the bank statement, you must notify us about it within --- days, otherwise you agree that you refuse having right to arise dispute regarding mentioned billing problems and discrepancies.   


 According to the request of Bizfor’s you agree that we will be free from all liabilities that may arise from your use or misuse of Bizfor’s. 

If the matter is not subject of your indemnification, we will assume the control of it; otherwise you will collaborate with us in.

You are going to need electronic device and Internet access in order to use our services.  

Changes in the service and additional services 

From time to time Bizfor’s will offer optional services for the users and guests of the site. This information will be available on our website,  it might also be send via e-mail,  text message or in personal account.  

Bizfor’s also might update and make changes in the service at any time without notice.  

Notice and electronic contracting 

By agreeing on these terms and conditions, you also agree that you will transact with us electronically and this agreement is equal to the agreement in written, signed form. 

We also may send to you Notice, documents, terms, reports and any other material which is related to using our website. 

We may send above mentioned materials by e-mail , that is provided by you during the registration, also,  text message if you choose that option and providing the telephone number.  In addition, information might be available for you by posting updates and Notice on our website.

Notice sent by us is effective regardless you receive or read it. You can refuse to get any update by canceling the option. 

Our website content as well as these terms and conditions are available and can be easily reached by modern web browsers using currently in use devices.   

Disclaimer of warranties

 Bizfor’s doesn’t guarantee the results that may occur from your use of the site, that it might not always meet your requirements, that you will always be able to access our webpage anytime and from any location. 

Use of Bizfor’s is at your own risk, us and our contributors don’t make warranties about Bizfor’s and its content.  

Limitation of liability

 By agreeing on our agreement, you acknowledge that we are not liable for the cases of losing data, profit, goodwill or any private property related to the content published on our website, neither for any commercial damage. We are not responsible for any computer failure or malfunction. We have limited liability even in cases if we knew or could have known all these cases mentioned above, because local and international laws and regulations don’t give us the right to act against consequential or incidental damage. 

You also agree, that Bizfor’s is not responsible for any fact related to the third party using the content you or other users placed on our website. 

Bizfor’s cumulative liability for any your claim related to using Bizfor’s services shall not exceed the total amount you paid for one or several services in last twelve month period.  

Entire agreement

 All previous oral and written agreements are replaced by this agreement and additional terms, policies, guidelines that are posted on our webpage. They constitute  the entire agreement. If any part of this agreement is a subject of the dispute, it should be recovered according to these terms and conditions, also local and international laws, while other parts are remaining effectively in force.  


 Any special notice will not be issued for you for assigning this agreement to you, while you don’t have a permission to assign this contract to any third party. 


 Your access to Bizfor’s may be cancelled or suspended by us at any time if we suspect act of illegally using our website. Your access may also be cancelled in case you violate the terms and conditions that you agree to. 

Another reason for termination the agreement is if the period of our cooperation has ended, after that you will no longer be able to use Bizfor’s services if you don’t make payment for another period of time. 

Making claims of copyright infringement 

From our users and webpage visitors, we request to respect the intellectual property of others and pay attention to the copyright regulations. 

In case you think, that your personal data or your intellectual property has been copied or used by the third party illegally, without a permission, you should inform us immediately and provide us with the electronic or physical ownership documents, signature of the copyright owner, your contact information, statement, where you describe your belief that your copyright ownership rights have been violated.  

Data backup 

It’s your responsibility to back up any information that you store on our website.  We will not take responsibility in case of losing some of your data. 

Your representation

 By placing content on our website you agree that you have the authority or permission to submit the content, in addition, this content will not violate someone’s privacy, will not express confidential information, will not violate any trade rights or any local or international laws.

In case your content contains the private name, audio or video material, participation or performance of any individual, the ownership holders and the parties should have the information about the presence of themselves or their private property. 

In addition, you submit that any claim, cost or expense by publishing content while violating the conditions described above, will be kept away from us and you solely will be responsible for the results. 

Bizfor’s respects the privacy rights of all users, who appliy to our company. We protect their rights online, including personally identifiable data (“Personal Data”) and other information which is collected from the site visitors and users of our service.  

When you interact with us through the Site or Service, we may collect Personal Data and other information from you. For example your name and mailing address. Bizfor’s protects personally identifiable data from other users.

Please read the following. It describes our views regarding your personal data and information and how we treat it.

We may collect the following data from you

When you visit our site, or register with us or log in to Bizfors.com, when you interact with other users or our products and services, we automatically receive information about your browser type, the country you are from on an internal statistics page. Log files are not tied to personally identifiable information.

Information that you provide by filling the forms on our site www.bizfors.com. This includes information provided at the time of registering to use our site, subscribing to our services or posting comments. We may ask for further information if you report any issues you may have with our site.

When you upload any data on Bizfors.com, it will be monitored by our moderator, to make sure that it is not stolen, third party information or doesn’t contain illegal, unlawful content.

If you are faced with an emergency situation, email us and we will call you.


All information you provide to us is stored on our secure servers. We ask you not to share your password and personal information with anyone and after that you are responsible to keep it safe.

Bizfor’s will do its best to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted to our site; any transmission is at your own risk.


We may collect information about your IP address, operating system and browser type. This is statistical data and does not identify any individual.


We may obtain information about how you navigate through our site by using a cookie file which is stored on your computer. Cookies contain information that is transferred to your computer’s hard drive. Cookies help us to improve our site and to deliver a better and more personalized service.

A cookie is a very small text document, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier. When you visit any Website, that server ask your computer for permission to store this file in a part of your hard drive specifically designated for cookies.

You can refuse to accept cookies if you wish by selecting the setting on your browser which allows you to deny the setting of a cookie. Unless you have adjusted the above settings so that cookies are refused, our system will issue cookies when you log on to our site.  


Bizfor’s does not disclose users information about identifiable individuals without your permission. We may disclose your personal information only if we believe that such disclosure is necessary:

  • To comply with the law or in response to a court order, government request, or other legal process;
  • To defy terms of services of Bizfors.com;
  • To protect the interests, rights, safety, or property of Bizfor’s or others;
  • To operate Bizfors.com systems properly.


If you contact us, the webmaster will always reply to serious Emails. We will not respond to the messages, which include spam.


If you would like to correct any information about your profile on Bizfors.com, contact us.


Bizfor’s reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time. We will let you know about it.

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After you register your company with us, Bizfor’s will become a land of boundless opportunities for you.

Bizfor’s is the best way to introduce your product to a wider audience. It’s one of the first online catalogue worldwide for people, who have a huge Business interest.

Bizfors.com was created to help various Business companies register with us and give them opportunity to introduce their products to the target audience. We have this great hope, that you will be with us everyday and help us to make our system better for you. Our goal is to create a comfortable platform for Business companies on a world scale.

Experienced developers are working everyday to improve and develope Bizfor’s and make this place better for your Business. We are going to offer you various services periodically, which will make your Business become more and more popular and most importantly, to sell your products or services successfully.

Not only register your companies, Bizfor’s also lets you to put your productions online through our website. You can create a catalogue, upload pictures, videos, other media and informations about your Business.

Design and optimization in search engines of Bizfor’s will let people to find your companies service or products very easily. The visitor of our web site will be able to filter desired country, city or industry. Bizfor’s wish your Business the best of luck. We are open and ready to be in a close collaboration with your company  individually.


Our mission is to provide information about companies, products and services all over the world. We create the opportunity for both, our visitors and businesses to cooperate in simple, time-consuming ways possible.


For our visitors: to offer sophisticated search systems and filters, that make the searching process easier, faster and accurate; For our clients: to offer different user services in different features and price ranges, that will give you freedom to choose how you want to present your business on Bizfor’s. 


Our vision is to create one international space for all companies, customers and individuals, where they will interact through our website locally and globally at any time, from any place.

free business listing, free yellow pages, free local directory listings, best free business listing


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